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Transformational psychological game
"The Territory of Money"
The Territory of Money" - the game, that help bring you to the new level of money volume. This game is for people, who is ready to change and who wants to change their income.

"The Territory of Money" - the game, that help bring you to the new level of money volume.
Authors of the game: Ksenia Lagodnaya - psychotherapist, facilitator of the groups. More than 10 years of experience. Olga Chernyaeva - psychologist, business - trainer, author of the training "Money - the transformation of income". More than 10 years of experience.
  • 1
    Bright, beautiful, attractive game field
  • 2
    Animation effects increase the involvement of players
  • 3
    Clear interface - it is easy to use
  • 4
    Convenient location of cards on the field
  • 5
    You don't pay for office rent
  • 6
    You save a large amount of resources, which affects the quality of the game
  • 7
    You can play from 1 to 7 participants from different parts of the world
There are dices with 6 and 8 sides in the program, and additionally, a link to the online cube in the form of a slider is sent. You can copy and send it to the players. They can roll the dices by themselves, so increases the involvement in the process.

Device requirements
  • Laptop, netbook, computer: MacOS or Windows (the program is not installed on the tablet)
  • Processor: 1,86 GHz
  • Free disk space - 700 megabytes
  • RAM: 1024 MB
You cannot copy and reinstall the program to another media.
To activate the program, a unique code is generated (the installation process is described in detail in the instructions that are sent to the facilitator by mail)
After payment, you will be sent a link to download the program and installation instructions.

You need to download, copy the program key, send it to the specified email address, in response you will receive the license key with which you activate the program. That's all - the program is yours! Play it in pleasure at any time!

The game is working in building relations with money, with financial competence and right actions to raise the money volume - amount of money, that person can have every month.

The game "The Territory of Money" helps:
  • find the reasons, that limit the income, understand where is the block and work it;
  • understand, how attitudes, scenarios, generic programs interferes in reaching the desired amount of money and transformate them;
  • find the thinking of rich person and effective money strategy;
  • harmonize the balance between to give and to take: study the readiness to accept and keep money;
  • strengthen the contact with yourself, with others and with the Universe: your ability to hear and fell yourself and environment
Possible requests:
  • What will help me to increase my income to a certain amount?
  • What attitudes and programs prevent me to get a certain amount?
  • What prevent/help me to get money from particular source (business, a person)?
  • What business is more promising to invest money in?
  • What actions should be taken to achieve the desired income? etc.
The basis of the game
The amount of money in the person's life is a sum, that he can accept psychologically. Our income is a result of our relations with money, which have already developed in the course of our life.

To reach a new level of income, take a step to real million and expand a territory of money, you need to change internally: harmonize 4 areas, which are respond of amount of money:
1. Thinking: do you think like poor or rich person? What attitudes, programs and scenarios do you have? Do you know how to manage money?

2. Actions: What do you make to increase your income? Have you got the skill to earn money, get it and does it effective?

3. Intuition: feeling good bargains, potential projects, etc

4. Energy: how much power and energy do you have? Do you know how to enjoy money? How to get pleasure from it?
Players go through 4 levels: actions, mindset, energy and intuition - levels, where they interact with money in different ways, explore their unknown territory of money, that will open in the end of the game and give detailed answer on the request.

The goal of the participants: get 4 amulets of different levels. Only this way they can open the territory of money.

We use the visible money in the game - the real money in the game, and we use invisible money - player's monetary potential.
The dice with 6 sides defines a journey across the playing field and allows using 11 decks: "The Poverty Virus", " The Ancestral House", " Money actions", " Money news", "Money pit", " The Financial Academy", " The Tent of Truth", " Invisible Money", " The Gift", "Resources", " The Blessing" to analyze your relations with money, see inactive money scenarios, change money attitudes, get the plan of necessary actions to increase income.

Active interaction of participants allows to forth the effect of the game and make more visible such attitudes like: "borrow", "ask", "announce yourself", "take", "see/seek/use abilities", "keep-spend", "invest - lose", etc.
The game help to build personal money strategy, show new money tactic and become the key of changing money thinking.
The game "The territory of money" was create for people, who wants:
- Increase their money volume
- Develop money thinking
- Find and start to change anti-money programs and attitudes, and also emotional blocks, connected with money
- Link with resources and increase the level of energy
- Change destructive money scenario on constructive
- Learn to love and attract money, not avoid it.
- Find hidden areas of growth
- Get connection with the flow of money
"The Territory of Money" - the game, that help bring you to the new level to get real million.
It is recommended to use the metaphorical deck "Images of Money", that was specially created for this game.
1. Game field 70x70 cm - 1
2. Coins - 50
3. Crystals - 50
4. Cards of 11 decks: "The Poverty Virus", " The Ancestral House", " Money actions", " Money news", "Money pit", " The Financial Academy", " The Tent of Truth", " Invisible Money", " The Gift", "Resources", " The Blessing" - 240
5. Cards "Amulets" - 40
6. Cards "The Money Magnet" - 10
7. Dice with 6 sides - 1
8. Dice with 8 sides - 1
9. Chips for players - 4
10. Instructions for facilitator - 1 (send by e-mail)
11. Certificate for facilitator - 1 (send by e-mail)
12. Online training (included in the price)
13. Enabling a private chat (after training)
14. Presentation for online games
Year of creation of the game - 2019
Formats of the game:
Individual work
Work in groups
Online work
The Territory of Money (on-line version in English)
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